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New York Times, May 20th,  1894

The Champ de Mars Salon

"Notable pictures by American and French masters – Whistler's Portraits of a Dainty Poet – Sargent's Portrait Not Remarkable – Falling Off in Dannai's Work – Portraits by Alexander and Gandara – Horrible 'Last Judgment' by Frederick – Chavanne's Ceiling –

(…) Passing now from home art to Europe,  we find almost a beautiful companion to Whistler's masterpiece [Montesquiou's portrait], and this is Gandara's portrait of the Princesse de Chimay, née Ward. The lady has the reputation of being the most beautiful woman in Paris. Her hair is now golden, in contrast to raven eyelashes, and her imperial profile is majestic. The way the artist has painted her flesh tints is like some delicate shell work. She stands in a flowing, clinging Empire robe of white satin, the short baby waist embroidered in gold. One arm gracefully gathers a long silken gauze scarf, which the other hand just touches. It seems to float from her shoulders, as the dress appears both to cover and show her limbs. She is at once modestly draped and almost nude. Her disdainful head is thrown back, she breathes, and is certainly the most living portrait I have ever seen. As the passing crowd put it, she looks the Empress ready to command, and meaning to be obeyed."

Clara Ward by La Gandara >>>

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