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Les Amis d'Antonio de La Gandara (The Friends of Antonio de La Gandara) is a non-profit association governed by the French law of 1901.

Its members include the descendants of the artist, but collectors, art lovers and potential benefactors are welcome to join.

The production and management of this website are typical examples of the Association's mission as defined by article 3 of its by-law.

Association by-law dated January 23rd, 2010

Article 2 determines that the Association has for general purpose the recognition and the promotion of the artist: Antonio de La Gandara.

Article 3 clarifies that the Association encourages, in particular, any initiative likely to publicise the artist and his works. If called upon, it can provide advice for the identification of works, as well as information to researchers, including photos and documents with the agreement of copyright owners (…)

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