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Adam, Paul (1862-1920, writter) - A relation having written on the artist

Alexandre, Arsène (1859-1937, art critic ) - A relation having written on the artist

Allais, Alphonse (1854-1905, writter) - Companion from Montmartre time

Annunzio, Marie d’ (1864-1954, duchess de Gallese) - Friend, he painted her portrait

Apollinaire, Guillaume (1880-1918, writter) - Relation, and neighbour boulevard Saint Germain, having written on the artist

Arenberg, Auguste (1837-1924) - Relation


Aubernon de Nerville, Lydie (1825-1899) - Attendance of its lounge

Auriol, Georges (1863-1938, painter, poet, pseudonym for Jean-Georges Huyot) - Companion from Montmartre time

Ballot, Marcel (1860-1930, writter) - Relation, he painted his wife portrait

Barrès, Maurice (1862-1923, academician and politician) - Relation


Barthou, Louis (1862-1934, academician) - Relation


Beer, madame Guillaume (1864-1913, having Jean Dornis as pseudonym ) - Relation, painted several portraits


Bergson, Henri (1859-1941, philosopher) - A relation having written on the artist

Bernhardt, Sarah (1844-1923, actress) - Relation, painted several portraits

Berthelot, Philippe (1866-1936, politician) - Relation


Besnard, Albert (1849-1934, painter) - Relation


Bing, Siegfried Samuel (1838-1905, art seller) - Relation


Blanche, Jacques Emile (1861-1942, painter and writter) - A relation having written on the artist

Bloy, Léon (1850-1927, writter and philosopher) - Companion from Montmartre time


Boës, Karl (1864-1940, publisher of La Plume) - Relation having published his monography. He painted his wife portrait

Bonnat, Léon (1833-1922, painter) - Relation

Bouchor, Joseph (1853-1937, painter) - Relation and under tenant of the artist studio

Boulard, Auguste (1825-1897, painter) - One of his Master in Ile Saint Louis school

Bourdelle, Émile Antoine (1861-1929, sculptor) - Relation

Bouyer, Raymond (Art critic) - A relation having written on the artist

Briand, Aristide (1862-1932, politician) - Relation

Brisson, Adolphe (1863-1925, art critic) - Relation

Brooks, Romaine (1874-1970, born Goddart) - One of his pupils of whom he painted the portrait


Bruant, Aristide (1851-1925, actor) - Companion from Montmartre time

Capiello, Leonetto (1875-1942, painter) - Relation


Caraman-Chimay, princesse Hélène de (1878-1929, Anna de Noailles’s sister) - Relation


Caraman-Chimay, princesse Joseph de (1873-1916, born Clara Ward) - Relation, he painted her portrait


Caran d’Ache (1858-1909, painter and caricaturist) - Companion from Montmartre time


Caro Delvaille, Henri (1876-1928, painter) - One of his pupils


Carolus-Duran, Charles (1847-1917, painter) - Relation

Carrière, Eugène (1849-1906, painter) - Relation


Carriès, Jean (1855-1894, lithograph, potter) - Friend


Castellane, comte Boniface de (1867-1932) - Relation of whom he painted the portrait


Cavalieri, Lina (1874-1944, singer) - Relation of whom he painted the portrait

Champsaur, Félicien (1858-1934, writter) - Companion from Montmartre time


Chéruit, Madeleine (1880-1935, creator of haute-couture) - Relation


Clifford Barney, Nathalie (1876-1972) - Relation


Chaumont, Magdeleine (18xx-1937, writter) - Friend, witness of the death of the artist and having written on the artist. He began painting her portrait

Cheruit, Louise (1866-1955, born Lemaire, creator of haute-couture) - Relation

Colette (1873-1954, writter) - Relation of whom he might have painted the portrait

Coquelin Cadet (1848-1909, actor) - Relation and visitor of his studio

Coquiot, Gustave (writter and art critic ) - A relation having written on the artist

Cros, Charles (1842-1888, poet) - Companion from Montmartre time



Contemporaries (1/4)

A not exhaustive list of the personalities with whom Antonio de La Gandara maintained relations of good-companionship in the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-arts or during his life in Montmartre district, friendships and associates in the time of his celebrity. All the realized portraits are not in this list, for lack of correspondences or evidences of established links.

Paul Adam Arsène Alexandre Alphonse Allais Marie d'Annunzio Guillaume Apollinaire Auguste d'Arenberg Lydie Aubernon de Nerville Georges Auriol Marcel Ballot Maurice Barrès Louis Barthou Mrs. Guillaume Beer then Mrs. Droin Henri Bergson Sarah Bernhardt Philippe Berthelot Albert Besnard Siegfried, Samuel Bing Jacques, Emile Blanche Léon Bloy Karl Boës Léon Bonnat Joseph Bouchor Auguste Boulard Emile, Antoine Bourdelle Raymond Bouyer Aristide Briand Adolphe Brisson Romaine Brooks Aristide Bruant Princess Joseph de Caraman-Chimay (Clara Ward) Hélene de Noailles, princess Alexandre de Caraman-Chimay Caran d'Ache Jean Carriès Caro Delvaille Carolus Duran Eugène Carrière Comte Boniface de Castellane Félicien Champsor Madeleine Chaumont Marthe Chenal Louise Cheruit Nathalie Clifford Barney Colette Coquelin Cadet Gustave Coquiot Charles Cros Lina Cavalieri Leonetto Capiello